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We use only the best Xpel paint protection film (clear bra). No matter how clean your car is, or what ceramic coating it has, it’s still susceptible to rock chips & deep scratches. Whether it’s your daily driver or track toy, having the ability to preserve the paint from chips and damage from the road has never been easier than with Xpel Ultimate car protection film.

We cut our film from a database with precision templates that are designed specifically for your car, no need to risk cutting the film on the car before wrapping a bumper, hood or panel. One of the most recent accomplishments in film manufacturing is it’s ability to self-heal. If the film happens to get some minor scratches in it, it can self-level with a little bit of heat from the sun or warm water. For the pinnacle of protection, we apply paint protection film and top it with our ceramic coating. Nothing is easier than maintaining a car with paint protection film and a ceramic coating. Spend more time driving your car, not washing it.

Xpel Ultimate


Xpel Ultimate molecular composition enables it to shed contaminants would otherwise abrade and stain conventional films.  Xpel is also coated with a ridiculously glossy clear coat that has elastomeric polymers that enable it to self-heal scratches and swirl-marks.
It effectively eliminates cosmetic damages and wear & tear that would  otherwise be permanently present on other brands of film. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, peeling, and staining for complete peace of mind.


Full Bumper, Hood, Fenders &
Mirror Caps


Entire Hood & Fenders, Mirrors, Bumper, Rocker Panels, A-Pillar & Roof Strip + Headlights


Fully Installed full Vehicle Exterior Xpel Ultimate Complete PPF

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